Why You Need A Radiant Floor!

With the cold weather, snow, and ice here for the season, making sure the house stays warm is top on the list of winter tasks. There are several ways you can heat up the house. The most common is using the furnace or electric heat that’s pushed out through various vents throughout the house. It’s very effective, but sometimes not the best. The systems can be loud and depending on where the vents are located the floors will always be cold because of how heat rises. In this blog, we wanted to highlight some of the benefits of having radiant heat installed in a specific room or throughout the house.

What are some of the benefits of radiant heat?

  • Quiet: Some heating systems can be rather noisy when being used. Forced air is a huge culprit for this but it’s one of the most effective systems out there. Radiant heating is completely silent when it kicks on. The only time you really notice it is when you feel the floor warming up again.
  • Hypoallergenic: One huge drawback to forced air is the fact that if your family suffers from allergies, especially from dust, it can get blown throughout the house. There are filters that control it but if they fill up they don’t work as well. Radiant heat doesn’t push any sort of air out so allergy sufferers can feel more at ease in the comfort of their own home.
  • Energy Efficient: Over the years HVAC systems have gotten energy-efficient but they’re still not as energy-efficient at radiant heat. The forced air still has a chance of leaving the home instead of warming it up. Because radiant heat stays in the floor it’s able to warm up the room.
Why You Need A Radiant Floor! 1
  • Even Heat: At times, the position of the vents makes it difficult to warm up the entire room. Radiant heat is evenly distributed throughout the floor so you’ll have an even source of heat no matter where you walk.