Spring HVAC Preparation!

Warm weather is right around the corner. As much as we may want to spend every minute outside in the fresh air after these long months of being cooped up inside, we should still strive to accomplish the important chores first. This will help us stay less anxious and give us time to stop and smell the roses later on. You can prepare your air conditioner now to avoid potential complications in the future. Amidst the heat in the dead of summer, there is nothing worse than a broken AC unit. Read on to find out how you can save yourself a ton of money and stay stress free as these seasons change.
  1. Above all else, you must change your filters regularly.

    These small and easy-to-replace filters help keep your system running at peak efficiency and enable them to deliver you nice cold air when you need it. Changing your unit’s filter is a simple task that is often ignored, so do yourself a favor and remember to change your filters before the heat hits!

  2. Keep your outdoor unit covered throughout the cooler months.

    Fall, winter, and early spring can have rather hectic weather patterns (to say the least). These large outdoor units take the brunt of every season’s harshest weather and can break if not well protected. Do yourself a favor and cover your AC with a custom cover, tarp, or a small fence.
Spring HVAC Preparation! 1

3. Clean the unit when you can.

These machines run for hours on end, so being in their best shape can only be a good thing. Do not let rust, leaves, cobwebs, and other unsightly build-ups accrue on your unit. The littlest thing can cause a costly malfunction.

4. Once you clean the unit and change the filters, you can give it a test run.

Locate the return and supply ducts and measure the temperature of each duct. If the temperature between the 2 is too close (15 – 20 degree difference), you may have an issue.

HVAC issues got you down? Call us ASAP! We are excited to help you get your AC unit primed and ready to go for the upcoming months. If you are unsure how to maintain your unit, we will answer all of your questions and do a full inspection of your system. We strive to provide the best service, even with the smallest jobs. Thank you for reading this blog, we hope it helped. Be sure to come back to our website from time to time to stay up on all the latest industry knowledge.