Mistakes That Could Damage Your Air Conditioner

Did you know your air conditioner needs regular maintenance to work properly? Maintenance doesn’t happen just at the beginning of the season either. An air conditioner that’s not regularly maintained but regularly used can result in a high energy bill, the house staying warm despite the temperature being set low, multiple repairs to the unit, decreased lifespan of the unit, and more. Here are some common mistakes that we see with air conditioner units and how to fix them.

Wrong Size: Air conditioners are not “one size fits all.” Each model is able to handle a certain amount of cubic feet. If your home is too large, the air conditioner will be overworked trying to cool the area that it’s not strong enough to handle. It will wear out quicker, your home will never be cool, and your energy bill will skyrocket because the air conditioner is constantly running.

Coils & Fins Are Never Cleaned: The fins and coils are a very important part of the air conditioner. They pull the hot air into the evaporators inside the house to the condensers outside of the house. If these coils and fins have layers of dust and grime built up, the air is not able to move through correctly. It’s important to clean them before you start using the air conditioner. Periodically checking the coils and fins throughout the season, especially after storms and heavy winds to make sure they stay clear.

Mistakes That Could Damage Your Air Conditioner 1
Mistakes That Could Damage Your Air Conditioner 2

Ignoring the Air Filter: The air filter is designed to pull in any dust, allergens, and more that’s going through the system. When the cold air is pushed out to the house it’s clean air. Those filters need to be regularly replaced every six months. Dirty air filters decrease the airflow in the room as well as forcing that dirt and dust back into the air.

Setting the Temperature Too Low: It is common knowledge that the cooler you set the air conditioner the cooler it’ll be in the house. Unfortunately, that’s a myth. What will end up happening is the air conditioner will end up running for longer than it should trying to cool down a room to a temperature that’s not possible. Setting the air conditioner at a reasonable temperature will allow it to cool the room more successfully. You’ll actually notice that the room is more comfortable with this method.

Never Getting A Check-Up: To cool the house, an air conditioner needs refrigerant. Over time, small amounts can escape which can affect the system. Regular maintenance by an HVAC specialist ensures that your system is running as efficiently as it can.

Mistakes That Could Damage Your Air Conditioner 3

Have you run into any of these mistakes? Don’t run the risk of your air conditioner acting up during these hot months. Contact us today!