Keep It Cool With AC Spring Cleaning!

We’re all looking forward to March 20th, the first official day of spring! No more cold, dark days and nights on the horizon – but is your HVAC system ready? It’s time to add some AC spring cleaning to your list! Not sure what you can do without expert assistance? We can help with that too! Here’s what you can do to maintain your AC system and what you should leave to the experts at A1 Comfort Heating and Cooling!

DIY AC Spring Cleaning

Basic maintenance is a great way to stretch the life of your AC unit, but make sure you do your research and are careful when cleaning. Some procedures are easier than others such as clearing your air filter, condensate drain, and evaporator coil as well as removing any debris or other obstructions around your exterior unit. Sticks, leaves, or grass can clog the system and block air flow, leading to bigger problems in the future. If you are handy, we also suggest checking your duct work, checking refrigerant levels, and tightening electrical connections. If you’re not handy, however, it’s best to leave the more technical, dangerous work to the professionals and schedule an A/C unit checkup.

Professionally Cleaning Your AC Unit

From top to bottom, it’s important to make sure your indoor and outdoor units are working as they’re supposed to. Regular maintenance guarantees fewer costly repairs in the future and cover anything from recalibration, tests, and hardware inspections. Your AC tune-up should include a blower motor inspection to measure amperage and voltage, a thermostat test for proper calibration, level, and operation, inspection of wear and lubrication of your bearings, inspections of your indoor coil, monitoring of your refrigerant’s operating procedures, inspections of the fan table, inspections and tightening of electrical wirings and inspections of your electric disconnect box, cleaning if you are unable to clean yourself, among other aspects.

AC Spring Cleaning

Ultimately, the more work you can complete on your own, the better for your bank account. However, if you’re unable to complete any of the professional tuneup tasks due to physical or knowledge limitations, call the experts at A1 Comfort Heating and Cooling! We’re always happy to schedule your appointment and guarantee your home’s cooling system will put its best foot forward this spring!