HVAC Trends of 2022

HVAC systems have changed over the years and so has the industry. At A1 Heating & Cooling, we’ve been keeping up with these great new trends!


The world is trying to be kinder to Mother Nature and HVAC manufacturers have taken note. Choosing eco-friendly solutions is now a very essential and commonplace part of the present, with new, ultra-efficient units being cost effective. This means clients are more likely to invest more in socially responsible units! New devices also enable less energy consumption with fewer heat loss and leaks while reducing the system’s overall carbon footprint. It’s all attributed to new parts – many that can actually be made of recycled material.

smart thermostat trends

HVAC Data Trends & Automation

We all have bills to pay, and using data analysis to track expenses as well as system wellbeing is more crucial than ever. Being able to calculate energy goals from previously collected operational data is one of the hottest trends and most valuable resources for both property managers and homeowners. As a homeowner, it’s useful to use trending automation devices  that track your data –  such as the smart thermostat trend.

Controlling your home or business’ temperature from your phone has many benefits, one of them being reduced costs through efficiency. In the same way you wouldn’t leave your oven on, a smart home setup with a smart thermostat such as the Google Nest allows you to set your home temperature from anywhere using your phone. If you’re at the office and no one is home? Simply turn off your HVAC system to save on your heating and cooling costs. On your commute home? Turn up the thermostat to make those freezing January days into a balmy temperature to keep the chills away.