Fujitsu Systems

As a licensed and insured HVAC contractor in Northwest Pennsylvania, my technicians are often called to homes where a system has failed. And, after looking the system over, it’s easy to see that the previous work was done by an unlicensed worker. Sometimes the homeowner cannot locate the person responsible and calls us in frustration. Many times, the owner has already tried to get a repair reimbursed by the manufacturer, only to be told it was not installed by a licensed contractor, which voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

In order to do business as a legitimate HVAC contractor, we adhere to the rules and regulations. Many of these regulations are meant to protect homeowners from unscrupulous and dishonest contractors.
Since 2009, we have been a licensed and insured contractor by the state of Pennsylvania (PA055089). We are trained and have been continually taking classes through Fujitsu Training Centers. We are now an Elite Fujitsu Contractor. This means to a customer you will receive the highest level of proper installation and service with a 12-year manufacture warranty on the equipment.

You’ll love how quiet the Fujitsu Systems are, how cost-effective they are, and how small your footprint on the world will be!

Why Fujitsu