Finding AC Nirvana This Summer

Whether you’re a polar bear and always keep your AC unit at 68 degrees year-round or like to bask in the summer heat of a thermostat set to 78 degrees, keeping your air conditioning healthy and optimized is important to risk frying in the sun!

Staying Cool And Slashing Your Electric Bill

When deciding what temperature to set your thermostat to, the outdoor temperature matters. A smart thermostat is a great way to program your home to stay close to, but cooler than outdoor temperatures as the day progresses, meaning your unit has to do less work, waste less energy, and save you more money! You can save around 10% per year on your utility costs by simply adjusting your thermostat setting by 7°-10°F from its standard setting for 8 hours per day.

Finding Your Ideal Air Conditioning Temperature

The recommended thermostat temperature may be 78 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s also important to find your most comfortable temperature. Start at the recommended temperature and adjust slowly downwards from there. You don’t want to be too hot or too cold. 79% of indoor heat-associated deaths occur in a home that wasn’t cooled by an air conditioning unit, with most cases hitting the elderly or people with pre-existing health conditions. While it may not seem like a significant number, 11,000 Americans have died from heat-related causes from 1979 to 2018, with a peak of heat deaths during the 2006 summer heat waves.

high efficiency AC

Upgrade or Maintain Your AC

An Energy Star program approved energy-efficient unit is the best your home can have. If you still have an old unit, you could be missing out on reducing pollution and paying less on your energy bills without sacrificing comfort, performance, and more. While having a professional maintain your existing air conditioning unit, an high-efficiency AC upgrade reduces your energy consumption by as much as half, recycling the water it uses to run instead of consuming it as most traditional units do. At A1 Comfort Heating and Cooling, we help you stay cool this summer with quality air-conditioning systems. Call and ask about our unit options or our service, repair, and maintenance services!