7 Common Reasons Your Air Conditioning Isn’t Working

There’s nothing worse than an unreliable air conditioner, especially in the summertime. There are a number of reasons why the A/C would stop working, but it always happens on one of the hottest days because that’s when you need the unit the most. There could be a number of reasons why your air conditioner could malfunction whether it’s broken completely, or just blowing hot air. Here is a list of reasons why your unit is not working correctly:

My A/C is running, but it’s not cooling anything down.

A dirty air filter is one of the first things to check. Your A/C needs the filter to work correctly. A dirty filter not only prevents the cool air from getting to the room, but it’s also risking the coils inside the air conditioner freezing up. This can lead to bigger problems.

The refrigerant is leaking. This is a key part of the air conditioner because it removes all of the humidity and heat in the air. The refrigerant’s levels drop when there’s a leak making it virtually impossible to get the house cooled down. You won’t be able to add more refrigerant in, unfortunately, because it will eventually leak out. You’ll have to give A1 Comfort Heating and Cooling a call to take a look and make the fix.

Issues with condensation drainage. Air conditioners are designed to remove the moisture in the air it’s collected in a pan so it can run down a drain. A clog might form in the drain, the water will overflow and as a safety precaution newer models will simply shut down. 

The compressor seized. The compressor is what keeps the unit going by moving the refrigerant through the coils in the AC. One of the most common reasons the compressor might seize is from overheating because there’s not enough refrigerant. This would be another issue that we can help solve.

Why isn’t my A/C working at all?

Check the power switch. There might be a switch on the furnace or on your outdoor compressor that needs to be switched on. Check on the compressor disconnect as well. If both of these are working, but your A/C still isn’t turning on, you might have blown a fuse or tripped the circuit breaker depending on what’s in your house. After you’ve reset the breaker or installed a fuse, if the A/C still isn’t working or trips again you’ll need to give us a call. That’s an electrical issue we’ll have to fix.

There might be issues with the internal thermostat. If the thermostat is not calibrated correctly it’s going to stop the A/C from turning on when the temperatures rise, or turn on when it’s unnecessary. You might be able to reprogram the thermostat to turn on at the correct temperature. If you don’t see a display at all try changing out the batteries and wait about five minutes to get everything set up again. If nothing seems to be working, give us a call.

It might be a bad capacitor. Air conditioners have two of them; one to start the motor and the second one to keep the motor going. The A/C needs both of them to run, so one or both of them being down will not allow the A/C to work correctly.