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Now is a perfect time to schedule a service or installation for your equipment! We are Offering 5% Discount on New Installation-furnaces, boilers, central air conditioners, and/or mini splits

A1 Comfort Heating & Cooling offers prompt and professional heating and air-conditioning services.

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Let us help you create a home that is comfortable, welcoming, and relaxing throughout the year with heating and cooling systems designed for your needs. A1 Comfort Heating & Cooling, Inc., offers installation and service in heating and cooling for residential and commercial fields.
We do preventative maintenance, air purification systems, repairs, home modernization, plumbing, electrical, gas and oil boilers, furnaces, duct work design.
We have been in business since 2009, licensed and insured, registered with the Better Business Bureau. 

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We now have a new member of our family.
Friedrich Mini Splits

Friedrich Mini Splits is an American Made Product.  Friedrich company has been a manufacture in this country since 1883.  
Their minisplits are very competitive and very advanced in price and operation.  Depending on A1 Comfort Heating & Cooling’s recommendation, there are three levels of zoning.  
According to Friedrich spokesperson, last year there were 928,145 outdoor single and multi units sold in the USA.  Over 46,000 single and multi units were sold in Pennsylvania alone.  
They are UL Licensed and complete all their testing onsite. 
 A fairly new market for mini-splits are food trucks!  Because of their compactness, just needs electric, mini-splits can be sized installed and operational in no time and in small areas.  No more sweating it out at the festivals or on the streets!

Professional solutions for heating and cooling problems.

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Can you believe it’s that time of year already? Fall is fast approaching and  it is important to ensure that your heater is fully equipped to keep you and your family warm and cozy all season long, and annual maintenance is the best way to do just that! In fact, now is the perfect time to schedule your maintenance services.

Practice Safety First

We still practice safety first as you can see in the rules for employees below.  

We also disinfect the vehicles daily and make sure the rules are followed for all concerned.

Peace of mind that you are in good hands and all repairs and service are done now and not when the cold weather starts blowing in. We are HVAC professionals. Visit us on the Better Business Bureau. We will make sure your home is comfy, warm, and safe this winter season.

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Our top-quality air-conditioning and heating solutions a guaranteed to work for you. A1 Comfort Heating & Cooling has 48 years of experience.



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We stand behind our workmanship with a one-year workmanship guarantee.  Simply put, we guarantee your satisfaction 100% with our workmanship.  Our heating and cooling, HVAC, Technicians, are bonded and insured.  Your new installation will be registered for manufacture warranty.  We guarantee our workmanship on new installations for two years. 

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We let our customers speak to our professionalism, reliability, and overall work. Our number one priority is our customers.

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